An Enchanted Evening at Pancho's Garden Restaurant in Cozumel. The food, the wine, the scent of the night - it was beautiful! Do we look different? Well, this was in 2000!!

We're getting ready for a submarine ride! We go over 100 feet underwater and spend 45 minutes oohing and awing over reefs, fish and waving at scuba divers.

At the end all, passengers get a certificate for being an official Sub-Mariner!

This is great if getting certified in scuba isn't on your list of adventures.

David is a snorkel-hound and really enjoyed getting lots of underwater pics! Here are a few more from the collection. This is a tilted view of the ocean floor and some coral.
Check out the brain coral and fish in this one!

Different coral formations. The fan coral waves in the water like it is in a breeze!

These are the little spiny boogers. They are great to look at and are in the coral everywhere!

Enjoy beautiful and fantastic beaches...
stirring performances
Dining and dancing.. Including on the beach!
Diving, time on the catamaran and SHOPPING!
Dolphins, Chichen Itza and a pic of us during a helicopter ride!!

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